I’m babysitting for my nephew today, like I do every Wednesday, and he’s having a hard time of it. I think he might be getting sick. His mom is suspicious of sickness, too, thinking he slept a bunch this morning probably in an attempt to fight off whatever ails him.

Now, he’s been wailing and moaning for over a half an hour as I go back into his nursery telling him, “I love you…I love you…”

When I enter he smiles and giggles. He crawls to the back of his crib and gives and impish grin. I feel fooled. I pick him up, and he clings to me, hoping I won’t put him back down. But I do. And he cries. And I tell him I love him again. Then, I shut the door only to hear his scream pierce through the baby monitor in the living room.

He’s a good kid, really. My sister and her husband are very lucky. Hell, I’m very lucky. I get to spend every Wednesday afternoon with the tyke, wrestling, playing, tossing him in the air, feeding him, and putting him down for a nap. Usually. This is the second time in over a year of sitting with him he’s not gone down, and I’m about to give up this fight. Go in and let him roam wild. Live for another day, another nap, another time.

But, my sister and her family are moving to Maplewood, NJ at the beginning of October, and I wonder how much time I’ll get to spend with him after they move. How many more naps will there be? How quickly will he grow up? Will he be talking by the time I see him next? I don’t want to miss important moments in his life, even if he is only my nephew.

His other uncle lives in Nashville, TN. I asked my brother-in-law (the other uncle’s brother) how he’s doing down there.

“He’s good,” he replies. “I think he misses the baby, though.”

I’m sure he does. I guess I’ll count myself fortunate they’ll only be 1 1/2 hours away by train, rather than several hours by airplane. I remind myself I don’t really need to worry about next month yet. I’m here, he wants to be up, and he wants to be with me. Maybe he senses our weekly time together is coming to a close. Maybe he’s just coming down with something.

Whatever the case, I just keep reminding myself I’m just fortunate to have today.

Ironically, as I wrote this, he fell asleep.

no news day

It’s my birthday, and after the horrible stuff on the news the past couple of days, I’ve been advised to take a “No News Day.” Basically, I’m preventing myself from watching news on T.V. or the internet for the day. Not reading it, either, unless I see catastrophic headline along the lines of 9/11.

It’s been a great day so far. Had breakfast with my love, went shoe shopping and got an awesome new pair of kicks: Came back to the neighborhood, and my sister bought me lunch at a new Thai spot, Pagoda, and dessert (here I am with my nephew at Fortunato Brothers):
Then, I returned home.

I turned on the computer, and I was almost shaking. Tricky when trying to avoid the news. Links are all over Facebook, forget about it when turning on Twitter, and my tabs are all open to various news organizations websites.

I was determined to not consume new news. So, to whom did I turn?

That’s right…the one man who is the news, but isn’t:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show
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Political Humor Spinal Tap Performance

Thanks, Mr. Stewart, for brightening my day, putting it all in perspective, and giving me a taste of the news without actually watching it. You helped make this birthday a happy one.

Tonight, I look forward to continuing the happiness with SUBTERRANEAN, terraNOVA Collective’s monthly variety night. Carlos Andrés Gómez and Rebecca Hart & the Sexy Children play tonight’s event, which is doubling as my birthday party.

Whew. Who’d have thought I’d make it this far?


brooklyn piggies

Here is a cute, quick video from my Blackberry (excuse the quality). It’s one of the cutest things, and it shows the wonderful creativity of my sister, Heidi. This is her version of “This little piggy…” Brooklyn Style with my 11 month old nephew, Carter.

She’s working on versions for Alabama and Illinois, where both sets of grandparents reside. “This little piggy ate venison…?” Looking forward to the next incarnations soon!