if it doesn’t feel right, we shouldn’t be doing it

This is an interesting article written by the editor of Newsweek International, Fareed Zakaria. He follows capitalism in the 20th Century all the way to present day and breaks down how it seems to keep getting worse, but some things are actually getting better because we learn from our mistakes. There needs to be a fundamental shift in ourselves as human beings that ends the madness that we’re currently experiencing (and re-experiencing). Those who do not learn from history…yadda, yadda, yadda…

“…there needs to be a deeper fix within all of us, a simple gut check. If it doesn’t feel right, we shouldn’t be doing it. That’s not going to restore growth or mend globalization or save capitalism, but it might be a small start to sanity.”

– Fareed Zakaria | Editor, Newsweek International

A great side experience that came out of this article is that Newsweek chose to use the work of a Brooklyn collage artist, Mark Wagner, who’s website is www.smokeinmydreams.com. He uses the dollar bill as his primary subject/medium when creating his work.

He is intense and amazing. He also is on the board of Booklyn Artists Alliance, an organization in Greenpoint, Brooklyn dedicated to the art of making books and printing. More on them here at www.booklyn.org

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