fringe nyc 2009

Just wanted to give a quick big up to the New York International Fringe Festival. I’ve seen 15 solo shows in Fringe NYC this year. I think it’s my way of coping with not being able to to go to Edinburgh. In the past, I’ve scouted for the soloNOVA Arts Festival at the Fringe NYC, but I’ve never seen so many in one year. Generally a mixed bag (as are most fringe festivals around the world), this year’s Fringe NYC solo shows have been good to very good on the whole. It’s exciting for me, as a curator of solo shows, to see so many people attending. I have been to multiple sold out performances for solo shows, and it encourages me that there is an audience out there.

Moreover, the old misnomer that every solo show is about the author and therapy on one’s own life has generally been disproved. I’ve seen puppets, stand-up, music and character pieces, and out of the 15, I’d say 2 were great, 3 were bad and the other 10 pretty entertaining. I’m very happy, too, to see Time Out NY and reviewing all 201 shows in this year’s festival. While it may not be the most scientific way of reviewing such a behemoth, it’s gotten the word out in a great way. I’m certain these reviews helped bring in audience to shows (especially out-of-towners) that deserved to be seen.

Looking forward to the final 3 shows – 2 of which I’m off to right…now!

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