enter the burn

I’m off to Burning Man for five days. This is my first time to the festival of art, self-expression and camping in the desert. I’ve wanted to attend for years, and I’m sort of surprised it’s taken this long for me to take the plunge. It felt like the right time to go, for in October, my ladylove and I tie the knot. Who knows how our lives will change after we’re married, so we’re looking at this as a final hurrah before wedded bliss.

This year’s theme is “Rites of Passage,” which is very appropriate, considering marriage is a huge rite of passage. Experiencing this with Christy is sure to be bonding, and we’re fortunate to be sharing this time with some of our closest friends, Ron, who will officiate our marriage ceremony, and his ladylove, Sharlena, who is baking our wedding cakes. Our other friends, Celena, Jeffrey and Peter, join us as we delve into a wondrous world with a 25-year tradition.

Burning Man is about sharing and gifting, and my gift to the Playa is a poem. I haven’t written the poem yet. It will grow over the following five days. When something exciting or inspiring happens, I’ll pen a line or two and offer it to a new friend or stranger. The paper on which I write will have this blog’s address on the back, and when I return from the burn, I’m going to piece the poem together for all my new friends to discover and enjoy.

Who knows what the week will hold? Plans are to stay open and generous. We’ll see what comes of it. Check back here in a week to see what magic I discover.

Till then…

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