missing mitts

Recently, I began a new blog. Unlike this site, which is features my writing, theatre, transmedia, and other issues of the day, Missing Mitts shares photos for fun. Every winter in the Frozen Apple, gloves and mittens dot the sidewalks after owners inadvertently drop lost finger warmers. There is poetry in these articles of clothing lying on the ground to probably be picked up by a trash collector.

Currently, I’m shooting from my iPod Touch and using the Hipstamatic app. Perhaps, as Missing Mitts evolves, I may use another camera, but this device is typically conveniently in my pocket. Also, the app’s retro processing enhances the subjects’ lyrical nature. I do own a medium format Diana F+, and I’m considering shooting film to get some true old school images.

Thanks for checking out Missing Mitts, and if you see a glove or mitten on the ground, take a moment to consider its owner’s one cold hand, especially on a day like today.

Stay warm!

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