paulus at a.r.t. – bringing people together

Diane Paulus is the new artistic director of The American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA. From THE DONKEY SHOW, which she’s reviving as part of her inaugural season at A.R.T., to the Tony Award winning HAIR currently running on Broadway, Ms. Paulus is an amazing force in the American theatre. She talks about bringing people together to the theatre so it’s more than just a dark room where we watch a show. It’s an “arts experience.”

“I’m very interested in the arts experience becoming more than just the play on the stage,” says Paulus. “But really looking at the occasion of people coming together. Theatre as a ritual…as a social gathering.”

Check out the local news segment about her below, including the above quote. More and more I believe theatre is returning to this – a social event bringing people together. It’s what the Greeks did: a big ole party with wine and plays celebrating gods. The Globe embodied it in Shakespeare’s heyday: a spot for the wealthy and the groundlings to gather and get entertained. Ms. Paulus is bringing theatre back to it’s roots and reviving the reason we do this work.

Best wishes to her as she takes on a great, new and exciting challenge.

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