polly found jill’s website. she’s not impressed.

I’m super excited to be working with my friend Giselle Jones on NY_Hearts: LES. She’s playing the part of Polly. I’m so happy with her work, I’m trying to find more ways of bringing Polly into the story. Giselle is located in Los Angeles, but because all of Polly’s scenes are vlogs, we rehearsed via Skype and she recorded several takes on her own. I chose the final cut, and voila…Polly was born! Ah, technology.

Polly is the jilted girlfriend of Sal, the main love interest of Jill in NY_Hearts: LES. Over several weeks, Polly discovers more about Jill, and her story leads directly into the Lower East Side experience. Below is part three of a four part arc. Tomorrow is the launch of the site specific audio story Moveable Feast in The Brick Theater’s Game Play Festival. Super cool!


Polly Found Jill’s website. And she’s not impressed.

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