what the heck is ny_hearts: les? read this.

Last weekend, my new show, NY_Hearts: LES, opened, and people who have lived in NYC for 20 years say it’s unlike anything they’ve ever done.

You still may be wondering: “What the heck is NY_Hearts: LES?”

It’s a love story. Jill talks to Sal on the anniversary of their first date over an iPhone app called Moveable Feast revealing secrets from his past.

It’s a scavenger hunt. You go to eight different location in the Lower East Side of Manhattan gathering gifts like a yoga class, lunch, coffee, toys and drinks.

It’s part of The Brick Theater’s Game Play Festival playing July 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22.


It’s sharing some of the story online. Jill’s has a website featuring her papel picado artwork HERE, and you can check out video of Sal’s ex-girlfriend, Polly, HERE:

It’s a limited, exclusive experience, and if you buy tickets, you’ll have a tons of fun. For sure. I’m very proud of NY_Hearts: LES, and I hope you’ll come through and discover this unique love story.


It’s also the Wild Card pick of Time Out NY’s “Great Walks” issue.

It’s only running this weekend and next, so get your tickets today!

It’s on sale HERE.

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