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the julian assange show

Ecuador granted Julian Assange asylum today. For twenty months, Mr. Assange has been in UK custody, appealing his extradition to Sweden for rape and sexual molestation allegations. No doubt a controversial figure, Mr. Assange continues to work on WikiLeaks, his international, underground non-profit that publishes secret and classified anonymous submissions from whistle blowers and news leaks.

He has another project called The Julian Assange Show. It sounds like an SNL sketch where Bill Hader interviews Lindsay Lohan who does a bad impression of Gloria Steinem. It’s actually Mr. Assange engaging in deep discussions about the future of humanity. He speaks with great thinkers like Tariq Ali and Noam Chomsky, offers up a round table with “cypherpunks,” geek activists, Andy Müller-Maguhn, Jérémie Zimmermann and Jacob Appelbaum, and continues to delve into the dark recesses of government and corporate control. With conversations as heady and important as anything The Four Horsemen discussed, Mr. Assange continues to underpin why he is a force with which to be reckoned.

The eyes of the world are fixed on this figure. His show offers a candid look at his philosophies and tactics. Say what you will about him; Julian Assange is certainly a fascinating and influential man.

what the heck is ny_hearts: les? read this.

Last weekend, my new show, NY_Hearts: LES, opened, and people who have lived in NYC for 20 years say it’s unlike anything they’ve ever done.

You still may be wondering: “What the heck is NY_Hearts: LES?”

It’s a love story. Jill talks to Sal on the anniversary of their first date over an iPhone app called Moveable Feast revealing secrets from his past.

It’s a scavenger hunt. You go to eight different location in the Lower East Side of Manhattan gathering gifts like a yoga class, lunch, coffee, toys and drinks.

It’s part of The Brick Theater’s Game Play Festival playing July 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22.


It’s sharing some of the story online. Jill’s has a website featuring her papel picado artwork HERE, and you can check out video of Sal’s ex-girlfriend, Polly, HERE:

It’s a limited, exclusive experience, and if you buy tickets, you’ll have a tons of fun. For sure. I’m very proud of NY_Hearts: LES, and I hope you’ll come through and discover this unique love story.


It’s also the Wild Card pick of Time Out NY’s “Great Walks” issue.

It’s only running this weekend and next, so get your tickets today!

It’s on sale HERE.

polly found jill’s website. she’s not impressed.

I’m super excited to be working with my friend Giselle Jones on NY_Hearts: LES. She’s playing the part of Polly. I’m so happy with her work, I’m trying to find more ways of bringing Polly into the story. Giselle is located in Los Angeles, but because all of Polly’s scenes are vlogs, we rehearsed via Skype and she recorded several takes on her own. I chose the final cut, and voila…Polly was born! Ah, technology.

Polly is the jilted girlfriend of Sal, the main love interest of Jill in NY_Hearts: LES. Over several weeks, Polly discovers more about Jill, and her story leads directly into the Lower East Side experience. Below is part three of a four part arc. Tomorrow is the launch of the site specific audio story Moveable Feast in The Brick Theater’s Game Play Festival. Super cool!


Polly Found Jill’s website. And she’s not impressed.

new kickstarter reward: digital download for donors $5 or more

I’ve been thinking a lot about some of you. You know who you are: potential supporters who haven’t pledged to NY_Hearts: LES on Kickstarter yet. I finally realized many of might pitch in if you had something worth pitching in for. Tons of you aren’t in NYC, and there aren’t any incentives for you to donate. Mostly, the current rewards are for those of you living within the tri-state area. And I don’t want only New Yorkers to hear this story. I want it to spread far and wide.  So I have a deal for you:

Anyone who donates $5.00 or more. Gets a free audio download of the story. That includes everyone who’s already donated. The audio will be released in July, along with the launch of the NYC experience. And it’s exclusive only to Kickstarter donors.

As of today, NY_Hearts: LES isn’t just for New Yorkers. We’re going global, folks. So, if you want to be in on the exclusive story, pledge $5 or more and you’re in. And to sweeten the pot, I’ll include a portfolio of images from the experience you can only get if you take the actual tour. Think of it as liner notes for an audio story.

I’m very excited about this project. It is a transmedia story I’m releasing over many months, and the LES love story is only the first part. Those who have read the script are calling it sexy, dark, funny and multi-layered. Only $5, and you can be the first to delve into NY_Hearts.